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BBC Thermazone 2 ft Heater
BBC Thermazone® Electric Infrared Heaters

Rugged, durable, electric infrared heaters that use a unique Black Body Emitter. In 1967 Black Body Corporation developed a flat panel emitter with an excellent "emissivity" factor (rate of emitting energy) that is highly efficient and uniform. That means the patented Black Body® emitter converts almost all of the energy used into a clean, even heat across the entire face of the element, with a durability surpassing anything comparable in the industry.

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BBC Thermazone® Thin Electric Infrared Heaters

Thermazone Thin® includes all of the features and benefits of the Thermazone®, in a new, slimmer, modern design. Packed with more heat per square inch, the Thermazone Thin® is still perfect for all of your heating needs. Ideal for restaurants, outdoor patios, and any other area that needs to keep people warm, the Thermazone Thin® does so effectively and discretely. Available in Stainless Steel, Black, and White finishes.
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