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Z Series

  • MacroAir Z Series
  • The Ultimate Utility Fan
  • 8', 10', 12',14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, and 24’ diameter
  • 120V, 208V-240V Single or Three Phase, 480V Three Phase, 600V Three Phase
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Industrial Motor

The Z Series industrial fan’s gearbox and motor combination is powerful, durable, and long-lasting. It is the perfect fit for industrial applications.

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Basic Analog Controls

The Z Series comes with a basic analog remote for simple variable speed and directional control.

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Updated Safety System

Safety is a top priority. In addition to our patented interlocking blade safety system, we’ve enhanced our guy wire attachment mechanism to ensure each fan is even more safe and secure.

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Anodized Aluminum Airfoils

The Z Series’ NASA inspired airfoils generate more airflow over the entire speed range. They are extruded aluminum, making them lightweight.
  • Require less energy for optimum airflow
  • Anodized finish resists dust accumulation and oxidation
  • 6 blades create optimal spacing for maximum volume, velocity, and air delivery to the space below

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Year-round Energy Savings

The MacroAir Z Series lowers air conditioning costs dramatically. A MacroAir fan running with your HVAC system can save up to 30% on cooling costs. You can also run fans in reverse in Winter to push warm air to the ground without a warm draft, saving up to 20% on your heating bill.

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Lifetime Warranty

MacroAir Z Series’ Lifetime Mechanical, 5-Year Electrical warranty is a truly industrial-grade warranty. Factory installation is not required, so you can self-install or use an installer of choice and get the same great warranty.

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Reverse Functionality

Most other big fan manufacturers only have forward operation, blowing air down to the floor. However, in Winter months when it is cold and heat is trapped at the ceiling, reversing fan operation moves air up to the ceiling, down the walls and to the floor. The biggest benefit? Avoid an uncomfortable warm breeze while still creating a more uniform temperature from floor to ceiling.

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