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Vantage Heaters
Vantage II
Vantage II
Power burner radiant tube heaters, easy and fast installation, low first cost. Standard Roberts-Gordon three   year warranty. VantageŽII is the industry standard tube heater for quality and performance.
Vantage TF
Vantage TF
Radiant Tube Heaters with two burners in one housing for better radiant coverage and easier installation.   Cuts down on gas and electrical hook-ups to save even more money.
Vantage HE
Vantage HE
Radiant Tube Heaters for harsh environments and even outdoor use. Aluminized tubing and optional 
stainless steel reflector
Vantage NP
Vantage NP
Non-combustion condensing vacuum-fired radiant heating competitively priced for the bidding market.    Burner sizes of 80M, 110M, 140M, 170M, 200M. Available with up to six burners sharing a vacuum pump, or in single burner configurations.
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