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Infrared Heating
How Infrared Heating Works
Like the sun, it's infrared rays heat the earth, people and objects directly. The energy emitted is safely absorbed by cool surfaces that warm up, which in turn, release heat into the atmosphere by convection to raise ambient temperature. Infrared heaters provide energy efficiency, quick heat recovery, and comfortable, gentle, draft-free heating.
LOOK TO THE LEADER... Dedicated to providing excellent products, service and support to meet our customers' needs and beyond. Since 1963 when Roberts-Gordon introduced the first vacuum assisted low intensity, natural gas fired infrared heating system, we have been and remain the industry leader in radiant heat with the most complete range of top quality gas heater products available. CORAYVAC®, GORDONRAY® and VANTAGE® industrial heaters provide comfortable, energy efficient, and reliable warmth for a variety of satisfied customers.
BBC Industries

BBC Industries is a manufacturer of electric infrared heating components, equipment, and systems.
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Q-Mark has a extensive range of electric infrared heating products.

Infrared Dynamics

Manufacturers of the popular Sunpak and Sunglo heater that you commonly see in outdoor eating areas at restaurants.
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